Now is the Time for Action on Sensible Gun Legislation

February 16, 2018
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I do not rise today for another moment of silence for Parkland Florida. For the semi-automatic weapon and the shooter who wielded it already silenced 17 Floridians and injured countless others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Instead I rise to make their voices heard. I rise to call for action on sensible gun reform.

The Parkland shooter likely got his semi-automatic weapon through a private sale, or a gun show, without a background check, in spite of a record of mental health issues. It’s time to close that loophole. The Las Vegas shooter used a bump stock to convert a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon, which is already illegal. So should bump stocks. Why is nothing happening? And in my own home of Orlando, for the Pulse nightclub shooting, we watched an Orlando shooter who was on the FBI watch list. Imagine if we passed no fly, no buy and stopped that from happening.

Now is not the time for silence, now is the time for action, and now is the time for solutions!