Pulse Nightclub Victims Held Town Hall on Gun Safety

March 25, 2019
In The News

ORLANDO, Fla. — Those impacted by the Pulse nightclub attack and other acts of gun violence held a town hall on Thursday.  Representative Darren Soto hosted the event at Valencia College. 

  • Pulse nightclub victims held town hall
  • Issues related to gun safety discussed

Several issues related to gun safety were discussed including the quick action on gun reform in New Zealand.  Less than a week since 50 people were gunned down in a terror attack, their government introduced a ban on military-style assault rifles. 

“New Zealanders had a pool of support that allowed the Prime Minister to push forward this assault weapons ban, much like we had from 1994 to 2004, so it takes the public supporting these issues,” Congressman Darren Soto said.

Panelist at the forum Thursday included Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy who treated victims the night of the Pulse attack, Pulse survivor Ricardo Negron, Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson, and a member of Moms Demand Action. 

Congressman Darren Soto said a reason for the town hall was to tout the new Democratic majority in the house passing two major background check bills.  However, he disagreed with a move some lawmakers made Thursday when a Florida House Committee voted in favor of Republican legislation allowing teachers to have guns on campus.