Soto Honors Creator of Osceola Council on Aging

March 10, 2020
In The News

In honor of Women's History Month, Rep. Darren Soto is honoring one of Osceola County's hardest working women.

Carmen Carrasquillo started at the Osceola Council on Aging nearly thirty years ago as a volunteer and never left. For decades, she’s been helping the elderly maintain independence and dignity.  

“Never, ever have I felt 'less than' — I am always moving forward," Carrasquillo explained. "I am a woman, but I can do this. I take whatever challenge comes my way. I will do that,” Carrasquillo said. 

Carrasquillo helped create the Osceola Council on Aging’s first Hispanic dining room back in 1992, called Centro Latinoamericano Edad de Oro (CLEO) in the Robert Guevara Community Center. The group still meets weekly.