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August 26, 2017 In The News

On August 26, 2017, we celebrate Women's Equality Day, marking the 97th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, when the right of women to vote was first recognized.

Today, I want to celebrate four of our many community leaders here in Central Florida, exemplary torchbearers whose work empowers women every day: 

July 31, 2017 In The News

Congressman Darren Soto recognizes Tom Flores, the first Hispanic starting quarterback, manager, and head coach to win a Super Bowl in professional football history. "Tom Flores had an outstanding and successful career, both as a quarterback and as a head coach. This resolution pays tribute to his inspiring athletic talents," said Congressman Soto.

July 28, 2017 In The News

"Not only is it costly and useless, it will do more to divide America than keep us safe," Congressman Darren Soto speaks out against the deceitful addition of $1.6 billion in funding for President Trump's border wall through a minibus appropriations package in the

July 26, 2017 In The News

I have heard the same theme over and over from the media, both locally and in Washington: Bipartisanship is dead. The truth is bipartisanship and partisanship occur daily in Washington, but the prior acts rarely get covered.

July 20, 2017 In The News

Soto denounces the consideration of the repeal of Obamacare and supports bipartisan legislation.  In Florida's 9th District, many families would be in danger of losing their insurance due to the potential Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal, making this a life or death issue. Congressman Soto spoke on the House floor to confront this pressing issue.

July 6, 2017 In The News

To confront one of Florida’s most pressing environmental problems – algae blooms fed by the release of nutrient-polluted overflow from Lake Okeechobee – the Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott agreed this year to invest $1.2 billion to build a new reservoir south of the lake and spend another $50 million to speed up repairs to the crumbling dike surrounding the lake.

May 23, 2017 In The News

Today, the Trump Administration set out a broken budget with more broken promises.  Hear Congressman Soto speak out against these cruel cuts to healthcare, farm aid, cancer and other science research, and small businesses.


April 28, 2017 In The News

During these first 100 days, big talk and broken promises is all we have gotten from the Trump administration and House Republicans. The latest example: Trumpcare has gotten even worse. Hear Darren's quick explanation of why the new version is even worse. 

April 3, 2017 In The News

Let’s start with the good news: the overall cancer death rate in the United States has been declining over the past two decades, thanks to lower rates of smoking, earlier detection and better treatments. The bad news: cancer health disparities continue to exist.

March 8, 2017 In The News


#1 TrumpCare cuts Medicaid