Rep. Soto Response to President Trump’s State of the Union Address

February 5, 2019
Press Release

“President Trump never mentioned the longest federal government shutdown in history during his State of the Union Address tonight. He also never apologized to the Americans he hurt, or provided a common border security plan to avoid another shutdown. This was a terrible missed opportunity to address the most pressing issue facing the Congress. This was a disappointment to our guest tonight, Doug Lowe, an aviation safety specialist working at Orlando International Airport during the shutdown without pay, and many other Americans across the nation.

I am pleased that other areas of common ground were mentioned. The President discussed a major infrastructure project, lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs. These are issues the Congress has already begun to work on this term.

However, if this speech was meant to extend an olive branch to the new House Democratic Majority in Congress, his attempts fell short. Chastising Congress for exercising its oversight powers, taunting us with demonizing immigrants, and threatening to build an unnecessary border wall, ensured his attempts at unity would fail.

The Democratic House Majority will continue to pass critical legislation that meets some of these common ground goals, defend our values when threatened, and hold the Trump Administration accountable for their actions when appropriate.”