Appropriations Requests

Programmatic and Language Requests

One of Congress’s most fundamental constitutional duties is the appropriations process—the annual allocation of money for federal programs. As a Member of Congress, my office welcomes your input on funding the federal programs that are important to Florida's Ninth Congressional District. Anyone interested in making an appropriations request must fill out the form below. 

Community Project Funding (CPF) Requests

Community Project Funding (CPF) will allow Congress to fund projects that will make a real difference in the lives of our constituents, particularly now as so many people and communities are hurting. For the Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations cycle, each Member of Congress can submit 10 CPF requests. For more information on guidelines for how to submit a request for your project to be included in my office's submissions, click here

Submit a Request

Please be prepared to submit the following information that is required by the House Appropriations Committee:

1.  Point of contact info (name, organization, email, phone number and address)

2.  Applicable Appropriations Subcommittee

3.  Relevant federal department

4.  Relevant federal agency

5.  Relevant federal program and current funding 

6. Program/Account/Subdivision information 

7. Type of request (program/language/community project funding)

The deadline for FY 2022 appropriations requests is Friday, April 2, 2021. Please fill out the following form, Appropriations Requests FY 2022

Additionally, my staff is available to have a phone call or meet virtually on any appropriations-related questions. To schedule a meeting with my Washington, D.C. staff, please click here, call (202) 225-9889 or email