Rep. Soto Statement on U.S.-Mexico Border Unrest

November 27, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Darren Soto, a Member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, released the following statement after heightened unrest at the U.S.-Mexico border and threats by President Trump to permanently close southern ports of entry:

“We’ve seen horrific images over the past few days of U.S. authorities deploying tear gas on toddlers and their mothers as they seek legal asylum into the United States. The over-hyped migrant caravan is being used by the Trump Administration as a fear-mongering tactic for political advantage, rather than a chance to reform our customs processes while efficiently and effectively securing our borders. This immoral disregard for human rights undermines our border security and goes against American values.

“Permanently closing our southern borders is a bandage solution for the Trump Administration’s grossly failed immigration policies. Under President Trump’s leadership, we’ve witnessed children separated from their families, a disregard for international refugee laws, and an exacerbated humanitarian crisis in our region. Instead of tear gas and border closures, the Trump Administration should work with Congress to pass a desperately-needed immigration reform and to modernize our asylum process.”