Soto, Flores Bill to Improve Security Principles for 5G Development Passes House

January 13, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, H.Res. 575, introduced by Reps. Darren Soto (FL-09) and Bill Flores (TX-17), passed out of the House. The bipartisan resolution seeks to ensure new recommendations of "The Prague Proposals" are carefully considered by all stakeholders in the deployment of 5G communications infrastructure. It also encourages the President and Federal agencies to promote trade and security policies on the international stage that are consistent with "The Prague Proposals”.


“Nothing is more essential than being at the forefront in the deployment and development of 5G technologies,” said Rep. Soto. “Both rural and metropolitan areas, like the ones represented in my district, are in need of practical and secure telecom technology. Currently, there are research efforts underway at the University of Central Florida and components, like tamper resistant sensors, being developed at the BRIDG facility in my district. I’m proud to have worked with Congressman Flores to ensure we can continue to improve internet connectivity and security for our districts.”


"H.Res. 575 is an important bipartisan resolution expressing the House of Representatives' strong support for the Prague Proposal’s 5G security recommendations,” said Rep. Flores. “5G networks will have the capacity to support increased innovation and robust economic growth through innovative technologies including telemedicine, high-speed rural broadband and autonomous vehicle deployment. Recommendations from the Prague Proposals will guide allied countries and industry leaders to secure the development of 5G network architecture so that consumers can realize the full potential of the next generation of high-speed communications."


Some of these Prague Proposals include:

  • Communications networks and services be designed with resilience and security in mind
  • Every country is free, in accordance with international law, to set it security requirements
  • Policies governing 5G deployment should be guided by principles of transparency and equitability
  • Stakeholders should conduct regular vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation of products
  • And that customers must be able to be informed about the origin of components in software that affect the security level of the products they use



Additionally, the passage of this resolution helps ensure American consumers are protected from other countries, like China, that may use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes.


Full text of the resolution can be found here.