Soto Speaks at Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 5:00pm

On Wednesday, February 21st, Congressman Darren Soto attended the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board Meeting to share his opposition to privatizing Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Board members and attendees also spoke about the need to decrease wait times at the Orlando International Airport while ensuring passenger safety and security.

During the meeting, Congressman Soto stated:

"I believe the real solution is in TSA resources and reforms rather than privatization. If it is a TSA management problem, then we need to cleary communicate that to the congressional delegation, and maybe we can clean house."

Wednesday's meeting concluded with board members agreeing on these four key priorities for MCO:

1) keeping passenger safety and security as the number one priority;

2) allowing TSA to retain control of aviation security;

3) allowing government employeers to have First Right of Refusal for employement openings;

4) assessing that efficient processing relies on sufficient number of screening lanes and appropriate staffing during peak/irregular seasons.