Rep. Soto Joins Hispanic Federation Panel on Climate Action

October 10, 2018
Blog Post

On Monday, October 8, Congressman Darren Soto joined Betsy Franceschini, Senior Director of Florida Programs and Policy for Hispanic Federation and Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability for the City of Orlando for a panel discussion on the environment and the impact of climate change in our communties. 

A year after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands as a Category 4 Hurricane, there is still much work left to fully rebuild and to addresss future environemntal crisis caused by climate change.

The panel engaged with a majority Hispanic audience in a discussion of where we are one year after Hurricane Maria—what happened, and what it means for climate action, clean energy, and environmental justice.

The conversation focused on the key environmental issues facing the Central Florida community on a daily basis, such as: recyclying options in homes and apartment complexes, combatting air and water pollution and reducing plastics consumption, and caring for our local green areas despite new developments in the area. 


Click here for the full Community Briefing Video